Wednesday Review: Netflix’s New Take on the Addams Family Isn’t Altogether Ooky, But It’s More Teen Than Scream

Netflix’s new series, Wednesday, brings a fresh take on the Addams Family universe but might not appeal to everyone. While it’s a bit late for Halloween, the show’s dark and quirky vibe is still a welcome sight. However, despite the backing of Tim Burton and a captivating lead performance by Jenna Ortega, the series falls short of expectations.

The show follows Wednesday Addams as she navigates the challenges of high school at Nevermore Academy, a school for supernatural outcasts. Ortega shines in the role, delivering deadpan one-liners with a darkly humorous edge. Catherine Zeta-Jones is also well-cast as Morticia Addams, but other characters, like Gomez Addams, feel underdeveloped.

Visually, Wednesday captures the Gothic charm of the Addams Family movies, thanks to Burton’s influence. However, the storytelling falters, with a cluttered plot that introduces too many mysteries and subplots. While the show attempts to add depth to Wednesday’s character, it feels forced and detracts from her original charm as a side character.

In the end, Wednesday is a mixed bag. It has a great lead performance and a captivating tone but struggles with storytelling and character development. Fans of the Addams Family may appreciate the dark humor and visual style, but the show’s reliance on YA mystery tropes might leave some viewers wanting more.

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