The Apprentice

The Apprentice” is an American reality television program focused on the field of economics, catering to those who love business, marketing, management, etc. The program premiered in 2004, produced by billionaire Donald Trump. He is a talented real estate investor, lecturer, businessman, and the chairman of The Trump Organization, founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts.

He has achieved great success producing the reality TV show “The Apprentice,” which is loved and followed by many viewers.

A season of “The Apprentice” typically lasts for 3 months with about 16 contestants who must face many difficult situations and challenging business issues. In each round, one person will be eliminated. The last person standing will work for the prestigious Trump company. Currently, this program has been bought the rights to produce and broadcasted in many countries because it provides an opportunity to learn more about business strategies and solve new economic issues that are happening in companies and countries around the world.

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