The Amazing Race Vietnam

“The Amazing Race Vietnam” is a game show inspired by the format of the American show “The Amazing Race.” The program features teams of contestants from all over Vietnam who compete in an exciting race. It first premiered at the end of May 2012 and has continued to the present day. The first season was hosted by Dustin Nguyen, while the second season introduced a ‘Celebrity’ version hosted by Huy Khanh.


“The Amazing Race Vietnam” is a television game show that follows teams of contestants as they explore and compete. The race is divided into multiple legs, requiring teams to travel and complete tasks to receive clues leading them to a pit stop where they can rest and be ready for the next leg. The first team to reach the pit stop typically receives a prize, while the last team may be eliminated from the race (unless there are non-elimination legs). The final leg of each race involves three teams, with the first-place team winning 300 million VND.


The rules and penalties of the Vietnamese version are similar to the American version, especially in the first season. However, starting from the second season, there have been some changes, such as the elimination of local personalities standing with the host at the mat at the end of each leg, as well as the removal of travel or resort prizes for the first-place team in each leg…


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