That ’90s Show Review: Watching a Reboot This Lame Is a Major Bummer

Let me sum it up for you: If you’re a ’90s kid looking for nostalgia, Netflix’s That ’90s Show might disappoint. While it tries to capture the magic of That ’70s Show, it falls short with a new cast and lackluster writing.

That ’70s Show was a beloved sitcom with a fantastic cast that clicked instantly. Unfortunately, That ’90s Show struggles to recreate that chemistry. The young cast here just doesn’t have the same appeal, and the writing doesn’t help.

The new series picks up in 1995, with Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia visiting her grandparents, Red and Kitty. She befriends the cool girl next door, Gwen, and catches the eye of Kelso and Jackie’s son, Jay. While the setting is distinctly ’90s, the show’s attempts to constantly remind viewers of the era feel forced.

While some original cast members make cameo appearances, they’re mostly in the background. Kurtwood Smith shines as Red, and Debra Jo Rupp is as delightful as ever as Kitty. However, they don’t get much screen time compared to the new characters.

That ’90s Show may not appeal to fans of That ’70s Show or younger viewers. The jokes fall flat, and the storylines feel manufactured. It’s reminiscent of a standard ’90s sitcom, complete with bright sets and exaggerated performances.

Overall, That ’90s Show fails to capture the charm of its predecessor, making it a disappointing watch.

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