Super Kid Season 4

Super Kid Season 4” is a unique talent competition for children aged 4 to 14, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their unique talents and skills. The program aims to nurture and develop children’s dreams from a young age, providing a valuable platform for them to confidently express their passions, seek opportunities, overcome difficulties, and pursue their dreams for future development.

“Super Kid” is produced in Vietnam and began airing in 2020, based on the format of the talent search program “Super 10” from Workpoint Channel, Thailand. The program has attracted attention with talented children in various fields such as intelligence, music, sports, and the arts. The touching stories of the contestants, the efforts of the children, and the support from their parents create memorable moments in the program.

With a panel of judges who are famous artists, highly skilled, and close to children, “Super Kid Season 4” aims to discover potential, help contestants shine, and become the artistic and intellectual talents of the country. The program inspires young children, ignites their passions, encourages them to showcase their talents, and connects them confidently with the world. With effort and training, each individual can make progress and shine brightly in the future.

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