Masters of the Air Review: Apple’s World War II Drama Gets Lost in the Clouds

Apple TV+’s “Masters of the Air,” executive-produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, offers a majestic portrayal of World War II bomber pilots but falls short in human drama. The series follows the 100th Bomb Group as they embark on perilous missions across Europe. While the aerial combat scenes are gripping and intense, they sometimes feel overly reliant on CGI, detracting from the emotional impact.

The show’s strength lies in its ground scenes, where the characters are more fleshed out. However, the episodic nature of the storytelling and the lack of a strong narrative thread make it challenging to connect with the ensemble cast, who often feel interchangeable. Austin Butler and Callum Turner lead the cast with solid performances, but Turner’s Bucky stands out as the most captivating character.

Despite its visually stunning cinematography and attention to detail, “Masters of the Air” struggles to deliver a compelling human story. While history enthusiasts may appreciate its meticulous recreation of the era, the series lacks the narrative depth and urgency needed to fully engage viewers.

Overall, “Masters of the Air” is a beautifully filmed but ultimately dull portrayal of World War II, lacking the emotional resonance and narrative drive of its predecessors.

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