FUBAR Review: Netflix’s Loud, Dumb Arnold Schwarzenegger Vehicle Is a Big Dumpster Fire — Now, YOU Grade It!

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new TV series, FUBAR, attempts to revive the action-comedy magic of True Lies but falls short. The show, now streaming on Netflix, is a lackluster imitation filled with meaningless violence and uninspired humor.

As a fan of Schwarzenegger’s action-packed classics like Commando and Predator, I was the perfect audience for FUBAR. However, the series failed to impress me with its attempts at humor and over-the-top action sequences that feel more like Looney Tunes than reality. It’s a cynical attempt to cash in on Schwarzenegger’s name without delivering any real substance.

FUBAR follows Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner, a CIA operative on the brink of retirement who must rescue his daughter Emma (Monica Barbaro), a fellow CIA agent, from a dangerous arms dealer. The plot feels like a rehashed version of True Lies, with little originality or depth.

The show’s attempts at humor fall flat, with cringeworthy jokes about Viagra and vibrators that quickly become tiresome. Even Schwarzenegger’s new catchphrase, “That’s it, and that’s all,” fails to make an impact.

While the action scenes provide some relief from the endless banter, they are marred by cheap CGI and unrealistic physics. Schwarzenegger, despite his age, still looks the part but struggles to convincingly portray a skilled fighter.

Overall, FUBAR fails to capture the magic of Schwarzenegger’s earlier work, offering up a pale imitation that is neither entertaining nor engaging. If you’re looking for a dose of Schwarzenegger nostalgia, you’re better off revisiting his classic films.


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